Positive Living
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Meet Rhonda

Rhonda is Holistic Life Coach, an Inspirational Speaker, a Corporate Wellness Facilitator, Reiki Master & Yoga Teacher.

In 2015 she founded Yoga & Co. in Te Awamutu which has now expanded to include other modalities providing a broad range of services that allow you to connect to the source of life. 

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Yoga & Co.

The moment you step into a Class with Rhonda you cannot help but be absorbed by the energy of love, nurturing and generosity of spirit that has been poured into its creation. Rhonda. provides a safe, nurturing environment for all to find their peace among like-minded people.

The Heart essence of Yoga & Co. is to support the raising of consciousness shifts in attitudes and awareness.


Positive Living-with Rhonda Maughan

I am dedicated to helping you connect to the source of life, so you can life to your full potential - everyday!

I provide a range of modalities to suit you and your life.

Holistic Life Coaching, Corporate Wellness Coaching, Yoga & Meditation, Inspirational Speaking.


Workshops, Courses & Events

Positive Living with Rhonda

I have multiple courses, workshops & events available for you to choose from to awaken your creativity, find balance in your life & grow within.

We regularly run Beginners Yoga Course, Pranayama & Meditation Courses

Check out all of our events below!

Check out a sample of what you will receive in relaxation at Yoga & Co.'s classes!


Live a Positive Wise Loving Life

My name is Rhonda Maughan and I am honoured to have joined forces with Leticia to bring to you The Heart and Soul of Living Consciously.

This four week course will help shift any old beliefs and thoughts about yourself that no longer serve you, giving you the tools to navigate your path ahead in a more conscious positive empowered way.
Creating the change to live a positive wise loving life.

The course will have a combination of Yoga, Meditation, and Visualisation using our shared coaching techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming. We believe bringing our skills and all these modalities together will create a very significant shift as we bring the conscious and unconscious minds together.
We invite you to reclaim your life and step off into 2018 with a clear intention of who you are and where you are heading.