Rhonda Maughan

Rhonda is Holistic Life Coach, an Inspirational Speaker, a Corporate Wellness Facilitator, Reiki Master & Yoga Teacher.

I have a passion for engaging and connecting with people, I get great satisfaction helping people and teams find what I call their flow, your energy levels are a great indicator of whether you are in your flow or not. I often ask the question, Who Are You? When we strip away the title, stories and roles that we play it often leaves people wondering. I help people understand themselves, when we understand ourselves we can understand others, creating improved relationships.

I help achieve this through my behavior and communication training, DISC, Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation techniques.


I help channel that energy in positive ways for Teams.Individuals and the environment.

Creating a Happy Productive Profitable work environment.

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Corporate Wellness

Ask Rhonda Maughan what her speciality is and she will tell you simply - PEOPLE.

Her audiences walk away inspired and motivated, with tools to create outstanding results. Rhonda loves working at the "coal-face"

Whether it be discussing the most cutting edge sales techniques, bringing a team together with focus and drive or changing the patterns of managers, Rhonda delivers.

She talks about the secret weapon of people performance "fun and happiness". When people are happy in their job and have fun they give more to others they are more engaged and productive.

Rhonda specialises in all areas of people performance including communication, team building, leadership, sales skills, behaviour Styles, customer interaction, time effectiveness & personal development.

Her knowledge of the mental approach has led her to studying peak performance and the blockages that stop people from succeeding.

Rhonda doesn't want her audience to walk away with 'just a good feeling'. She delivers high impact, practical strategies that produce results and her renowned sense of humour ensures everyone has a good time doing it!

Holistic Life Coach

Through Rhonda’s Positive Energy Philosophy, she helps others step towards realising their full life potential. This empowers them to live their lives with wellness in their mind, body and spirit, leading them towards living a life of true liberation of self.

What we believe about ourselves becomes the truth for us.  The challenge is that so often we are unconscious of our thoughts, where they began, and the impact they are having on our lives, that we continue to repeat the patterns, remaining often in a state of chaos.

The beautiful thing is that what we believe and think about ourselves can be changed with will and consistent daily effort.

Rhonda focuses on the whole person and integrates mental & physical practises that are an invitation to explore your mind and body to create health and well-being.

In 2006, Rhonda qualified as a Life Coach and is also a certified DISC behaviour and communications style presenter.

"I often say to people how naked are you willing to be with your own life, and how much are you willing to let go of your masks and your armour and live as a completely exposed undefended and open human being? It’s in that vulnerability and honesty  that the magic will happen."

Inspirational Speaker

Rhonda’s own life story of repeating self-destructive thoughts lead her to a choice to become conscious which has changed the course of her life. This marked the beginning of an intense inward journey which has led her down the path of self-inquiry, self-acceptance, self-realisation and self-love.

We are born as unconditional love, a blank canvas. Over time the blank canvas is filled with our story and that is where we create our reality from. We have the power at any time to rewrite this story, repainting the canvas, and stepping forward to a more fulfilling life.

Rhonda is an Inspirational speaker who works with teams and individuals to help them live to their full potential. Ultimately, connecting to the source of life.

It's hard to describe the impact Rhonda will have on your audience, she is one of those rare people who can deliver a message that you will remember forever. Most comment on her energy, her fun and her simple message. Energy flows where intention goes.

The enthusiasm. energy and motivation of Rhonda's trademark style of presentation, ensures her audiences enjoy a memorable, educational & motivational experience.

A message delivered by Rhonda is not easily forgotten!

If you need a keynote speaker for your event, conference or to inspire your staff please get in touch and lets talk about energising and engaging your people. Packages can be tailored made to suit your needs combining behaviour styles,communication,motivation,wellness, fitness, yoga, meditation, lifecoaching. or you can simply choose from one of the following wellness seminars.




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Yoga Teacher

Rhonda has taught Yoga for 20 years and teaches tradittional yoga that is suitable for everybody.

This includes ancient practices such as yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and guided relaxation (yoga nidra).

At Yoga & Co. we empathise the need to connect with the mind and breath to get the best results.

The moment you step into our studio you cannot help but be absorbed by the energy of love, nurturing and generosity of spirit that has been poured into its creation. Yoga & Co. provides a safe, nurturing environment for all to find their peace among like-minded people.

The Heart essence of Yoga & Co. is to support the raising of consciousness shifts in attitudes and awareness.