Yoga & Co. provides a safe, nurturing environment for all to find their peace among like-minded people.

We have a modern yet traditional approach within Yoga & Co. and provide a  range of classes including Yin, Yin/Nidra, Hatha Flow, Sunrise Salutes, Qi-Rising and Pranayama & Meditation. 


Inhale. Exhale.

Join us.

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Yoga is a practice to expand the perception and awareness of ones' own self.

It is an ancient system of mental and physical practice that is an invitation to explore your mind and body to create health and well-being.

It is noncompetitive allowing you to work to your own limits. Wherever you are at, just know that you are receiving the full benefits of the what this beautiful and wholesome practice offers.

Working on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, you will accumulate strength, clarity and peacefulness each time you practice.

At Yoga& Co. we are dedicated to bringing you an authentic and safe environment where you can be good to yourself. Everyday.

Let our soulful teachers guide you in our broad range of classes.

There is something for everyBODY. Check out some pics below!

We look forward to sharing this experience with you soon. x



10 class card: $140.00

20 class card: $240

Casual: $15 for 1 class



💜We want to thank-you for being so loyal. 💜
Receive 1 FREE class after a 10 class concession card, or 2 FREE classes after a 20 class concession card.🕉


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Corporate Wellness

Ask Rhonda what her speciality is and she will tell you simply - PEOPLE.

Her audiences walk away inspired and motivated, with tools to create outstanding results.

Rhonda specialises in all areas of people performance including communication, team building, leadership, sales skills, personal styles, customer interaction, time effectiveness & personal development.